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decentralized server, new critical encyclopedea and community

From: Elvin King
Subject: decentralized server, new critical encyclopedea and community
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2012 05:33:16 -0800 (PST)

A number of things are very important

create a code for a decentralized server to liberate and make information output untraceable and impossible to police.

keep the openness of the apple/windows operating system and have graphic designers go over it with flash and create a living flame in stead of a garbage can, etc, "organic-size" the computer content.

  I have a design for a search engine and pc operating system

> it is based on a series of convictions
> the internet is chaos, and in this chaos you can only find the famous
>    and classical
> my engine solves this problem with direct, exact tags, cross searching
>    year, style, object names like scandal, disaster, etc

> the internet catalogues vertical, in stead of horizontal
> blogs and facebook status soon rid of the content over time

> one cause or page should always be found at a certain link
> where people can perpetually vote the object or item higher
> preferably as i see it, projects for vast architectural readressing of
>    the selfsustaining of cities, reducing traffic, winter gardens on
>    top of supermarkets, etc

> the democracy has failed, it has become a bureaucracy tied in with
>    corporate interest
> for this we can provide any page and project with a voting system, to
>    have the election straight from the public area towards the artist, no more
>    politician comes in between the process, also any artist can freely
>    develop the world

> apart from that, on the ayris machine, where in the workframe for
>    searching you can find a 3D and live cam function
> an entire 3D world can provide people with an insight in the entire
>    real world, rebuilt in 3D, the best projects can be voted in, the
>    more fantastic projects can move to secondary worlds
> there would be a 3D library and income hall
Each profile has a picture header as a book cover for the topic depicted in a browser system, the browser system works like an old dia projector, it can be set to play all profiles slowly or at faster pace

> the computer operating system
> we can asses what a computer can do,

> edit and play music,

> edit and read text,

> edit and play video's,

> edit and play computer games, -both computer games and video are
>    interactive these days, computer games more then video's, but the
>    principle could well integrate more and more.
> edit and watch gifs

> the technical area should belong in a background with "technical
>    station"

> when a consise schedual of all these things is made we can redraw the
>    desk functions
> we can see people provided with a real live flame for deleting files
> we can build a puzzle box with the sets of standard programs everyone
>    should have, and have them built out by the members

> This is my basic view and starting point for the ayris machine.
> it can build with conciderable ease and should develop real causes,
>    real innovation, and enhance internet users oversight into real
>    causes and innovation.

> I hope you might find people to help me realize this project

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