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Re: M$ Has Stooped To A New Low

From: alirazeen
Subject: Re: M$ Has Stooped To A New Low
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2013 14:22:46 -0800
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Hey people,

I don't think we should be making fun of Microsoft's products and/or
Microsoft's employees that way. Not only is it just mean but it actually
distracts from the core issue at hand: that Microsoft sells proprietary
software and that proprietary software is morally unacceptable and that
really is the problem. After all, if the people at Microsoft suddenly
decided to embrace Free Software tomorrow and make all their software Free
Software, then our problems with Microsoft would cease.

We making fun of Microsoft and Ballmer is quite similar to proprietary
software advocates who discount Free Software and the GNU project by
making fun of Richard Stallman (who is a pretty easy target and most of us
have seen

If we think making fun of Richard Stallman to discount Free Software is
unfair, then us making fun of Ballmer to discount Microsoft is unfair too.
Let's focus on the core issues and not let these other things distract us.

Just my two cents.


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