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Re: M$ Has Stooped To A New Low

From: alirazeen
Subject: Re: M$ Has Stooped To A New Low
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2013 15:47:41 -0800
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>> making fun of Richard Stallman (who is a pretty easy target and most of
>> us
>> have seen
> On the other hand, both RMS and Ballmer and that Win8 ad could be
> improved by listening honestly to how society perceives them.
>> If we think making fun of Richard Stallman to discount Free Software is
>> unfair, then us making fun of Ballmer to discount Microsoft is unfair
>> too.
> Both of these characters need to wake up to the damage they cause when
> they act in such bizarre ways.

I empathize with that point of view but maybe we (and by we, I mean
everyone in society, including you and me) should just cut them some
slack. I mean we're all just people and we all have our idiosyncrasies
(even if sometimes some of us seem to be more idiosyncratic than others!).

Perhaps if all of us, those for Free Software and those against, separated
the message from the person, we might all be able to have healthy
conversations instead of being caught up with a personality war. This is a
difficult task for sure but it's necessary.

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