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Re: NYC LOCAL: Tuesday 10 September 2013 Lisp NYC: Mahesh Paolini-Subram

From: Cola Zealot
Subject: Re: NYC LOCAL: Tuesday 10 September 2013 Lisp NYC: Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya on Erlang
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2013 19:56:06 +0200

flatfish+++ wrote:
Don't you Linux geeks and freaks think it's time to step into the
current century and adjust your announcements so they don't look like
some geek listserv crap circa 1985?

Try a blog....

Assuming you freaks even know what one is.

Geeze, you loons are the poster children for why average citizens
should avoid Linux.

Don't forget that Jay is a propeller head ;-)

On 9 Sep 2013 19:00:38 -0400, wrote:

  what="almost official Lisp NYC announcement"


       [page was last modified on 4 September 2013 at 02:04];all";


  edits="address now specifies which borough of New York City
         the meeting is in; some material removed;
         some paragraphs reformatted by Emacs">

 Subject: New York City Lisp User Group: Erlang by Mahesh
 Paolini-Subramanya X-URL:

    corner New York City
    Lisp Group meetings blogs news home

    ( front-page )

    2013 Summer Programming Contest

    We're proud to announce our contest Lisp in Summer Projects ,
    over $5000 of prizes and anyone can join in on the fun.

    Upcoming related events:
      * Jun 1 Lisp in Summer Projects signup begins, everywhere.
      * Jun 1-4, European Lisp Symposium 2013 - ELS'13 in Madrid,
      * Jun 2, European Common Lisp Meeting - single day conference
        in Madrid, Spain
      * Jun 9-12, "30 Years of Smalltalk" the Smalltalk Industry
        Conference - STIC'13 in Phoenix, Arizona
      * Jun 24 Lisp in Small Projects coding starts!
      * Jul 8-10, Lambda Jam: A conference for functional
        programmers in Chicago, Illinois
      * Sept 18-20, Strange Loop in St. Louis, Missouri
      * Sept 25-27, ICFP 2013 in Boston, Massachussetts
      * Nov 14-16, Clojure/Conf in Alexandria, Virginia (Washington

    ( meeting - Tuesday, September 10, 7:00 PM - Erlang by Mahesh
    Paolini-Subramanya )

    People get so caught up in the syntactical sugar of languages
    that they never actually grok the semantics, let alone the
    context and philosophy underlying the whole environment.  It
    doesn't really matter whether we're talking about something
    'old' like Java/Python/Ruby, or 'new' like Dart/Go/F# - any
    discussion about the merits tends to boil down to either
    simplistic stuff like "The syntax sucks! Hrrr!", or
    something"advanced" like "Garbage collection <redacted>".

    In the case of Erlang - theres the bit about concurrency and
    scaling, and functional programming and actors and stuff, but
    what most people don't get is that it is really very simple

    Erlang begins and ends with Fault Tolerance.

    Fault Tolerance is - formally! - baked into the very genes of
    Erlang/OTP - something that ends up being amazingly useful
    when you are building any kind of system.  Remember, your
    clients (and co-workers!) will find new ways to break things,
    ways that you could never have imagined in your wildest

    This, this is the reason to use Erlang. Once you get it, it
    completely changes the way you approach development, and you
    will find yourself writing "erlang" in whatever language you
    happen to be using (Mind you, writing tail-recursive code in
    java is a recipe for disaster, but thats another story...)

    In this talk, I'll get into this buddha-nature of Erlang/OTP,
    pointing out how the various features of the language tie
    together into one seamless Fault Tolerant whole.  It'll
    probably run 45 minutes or so, not counting questions...

    Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya is the V.P. of R&D at Ubiquiti
    Networks - a manufacturer of disruptive technology platforms
    for emerging markets. He has been involved in `Internet
    Stuff' since Day Zero (remember Gopher?), and has spent the
    recent past building out Erlang-based massively concurrent
    Cloud Services and VoIP platforms.

    He has the - dubious -honor of being involved in creating the
    first web/e-commerce system, the first Java based financial
    services platform, as well as the first Erlang-based cloud
    PBX, three products he may never live down.

    He was previously the CTO of Vocalocity after its merger with
    Aptela (where he was a founder and CTO). Before that, he was
    V.P. of Development at Neoglyphics Inc, and CTO of Proxicom
    where he also led the Technology practice. He holds a B. Tech
    from the Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur, and an
    M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre

    Meetup HQ, 9th Floor
    632 Broadway
    on the Island of the Manahattoes

 < ... />

    ( functional development )

    LispNYC is a community devoted to the advocacy and advancement of
    Lisp-based functional programming technologies such as Common
    Lisp, Scheme and Clojure.

    We focus on education, outreach, regular monthly meetings,
    mailing lists and development projects.

    Monthly meetings are held every second Tuesday, are free and
open to all.

    Providing parentheses to NYC since 2002

    ( member services )

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    ( contact )

    contact lisp merchandise


    bottom corner
      "Lisp is a language for doing what you've been told is
    impossible." - Kent Pitman
    about this site


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Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

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