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Re: The Metro UI-Why it sucks

From: Snit
Subject: Re: The Metro UI-Why it sucks
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2013 21:13:10 -0700
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On 12/4/13, 6:53 PM, in article l7omao$vdm$, "RedBlade7"
<> wrote:

>> the Metro UI is
>> so weird it is a nightmare to support, and it overall bombs for desktop
>> use. It was designed for tablets and phones, but my problem is that if
>> they wanted a tablet or phone interface they could have put it on one of
>> those devices and spared the desktop market of the dumbed-down GUI by
>> making a different version with a different GUI. Also, try to visualize
>> how horrible some of these common desktop applications would look if
>> Metroified-
> M$ should have shifted their focus to the M$-dependent business sector
> (e.g. health care).
> Instead M$ went after the "Windows 9x Kids" who, after growing up,
> managed to escape their wrath by using Mac and Linux (including embedded
> versions and Android) and have no reason to return to the Illegal
> Operations, Security Updates, and Service Packs of their childhood.
> M$ will never "win" unless they shift their focus to the business sector,
> which M$ continually frustrates as they continue wasting time/money on
> the home user.

Windows 8 seems like a pathetic and desperate attempt to connect the desktop
experience with the tablet... hoping to get sort of the reverse "halo
effect" Apple got with iPods and the like helping Mac sales.

If Windows 8 was not so horrible it might have even worked.

"I have never, ever cared about really anything but the Linux desktop."
-- Linus Torvalds

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