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Re: Culture and Empire

From: amz3
Subject: Re: Culture and Empire
Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2014 16:03:31 +0100
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I do a small presentation below

On 2014-01-01 15:46, amz3 wrote:
Héllo everybody,

Happy new year :)

I stumbled on Culture and Empire a few days ago and I've been reading
it since then. I'm not finished yet. It's insigthful, smart and
provocative. It bridge past, present and future. I will put it in my
armory *ahem* library between Fundation and The Cathedral and the
Bazaar until I read Present Shock. This is the book you want, need and
will read this year if any.

I quick glimpse into the very readable book:


Chapter 1. Magic Machines

    Far away, in a different place, a civilization called Culture had
taken seed, and was growing. It owned little except a magic spell
called Knowledge.

In this chapter, I’ll examine how the Internet is changing our
society. It’s happening quickly. The most significant changes have
occurred during just the last 10 years or so. More and more of our
knowledge about the world and other people is transmitted and stored
digitally. What we know and who we know are moving out of our minds
and into databases. These changes scare many people, whereas in fact
they contain the potential to free us, empowering us to improve
society in ways that were never before possible.


There is also a presentation of the content of the book that I didn't
review yet. But it seems like you don't need to read all the book to
understand what is in inside. There is also a related crowdfunding
project, but I don't know more that since I want to finish the book

Have a good read :-)

amz3 ~

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