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Re: referencing non-free software

From: Dmitry Alexandrov
Subject: Re: referencing non-free software
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2018 23:26:50 +0300
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Ilya Shlyakhter wrote:
> All I'm suggesting is that beOrg be mentioned in the same appendix
> as MobileOrg (,
> along with a note saying "beOrg is currently non-free, we strongly
> recommend that users avoid non-free software, here is a link to the
> FSF pages explaining why".  How could this be reasonably seen by
> users as an "endorsement" of the non-free beOrg, if we explicitly
> say we recommend MobileOrg, and provide the beOrg reference only to
> give users all relevant information?

By the way, as of now this very appendix [0] clearly endorses Dropbox, whose 
website cannot be even be read properly without using nonfree software, what to 
say about being properly used!  And whose installable client is nonfree too, of 

| For a server to host files, consider options like
| account. On first connection, MobileOrg creates a directory
| MobileOrg/ on Dropbox. Pass its location to Emacs through an init
| file variable as follows:
|    (setq org-mobile-directory "~/Dropbox/MobileOrg")

The only ‘alternative’ it mentions is ‘to use webdav server’.


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