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Re: List posting rules

From: Dmitry Alexandrov
Subject: Re: List posting rules
Date: Sat, 02 Nov 2019 22:55:53 +0300
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"Carlos O'Donell" <> wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 2, 2019 at 2:01 PM Dora Scilipoti <> wrote:
>> You, Carlos O'Donell, and your fellow censor Mark Wielaard, should NOT be 
>> the moderators of this list.  You are both signers of a public document that 
>> calls for the removal of Richard Stallman as the leader of GNU, namely the 
>> "Joint Statement." Therefore, your natural bias is to accept messages that 
>> work towards your goal while rejecting those that oppose it.
> I agree that I likely exhibit bias, to that end we have invited others to 
> moderate.
> Brandon Invergo and Mike Gerwitz are also moderators, specifically to help 
> avoid this kind of bias.
> I don't see why I should not be a moderator. Everyone has some kind of bias. 
> Moderation is a difficult task.

(Okay, someone has to voice it, let it be me.)

Could you please invite Dora to become a co-moderator to help you with that 
difficult task?

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