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Hatred [Was: Re: Support for RMS and criticism of the bottom-up/social c

From: Alexandre François Garreau
Subject: Hatred [Was: Re: Support for RMS and criticism of the bottom-up/social contract power grab attempt. - Why fewer contributors?]
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2019 14:28:53 +0100

Le lundi 4 novembre 2019 13:30:09 CET, vous avez écrit :
> Please refrain. It is not
> nice to call people that way.

It wasn’t strictly insulting, tho… was it?

> I understand your feelings, but the discussion is not place for
> animosity and hatred towards any group of people. Be it American,
> "white women" ruling the world, and so on.

I think you want to say “apriori group of people” that didn’t choose to be 
part in, like “women”, “white”, “American”, etc. because you state it know 
while it already happened against people who where angry/disgusted/accusating/

I’m not that pissed off, it’s just common masculinist and conspiracy bullshit.

I personally think hatred toward a marginalized, that is minoritary and 
underprivileged group of people is more an issue because it takes part in and 
continues the actual marginalization (just as the signatories seems to fear 
that rms is doing).  While hatred against a group that’s already powerful and 
will still be there without much damage afterwards cause less problem.  Let’s 
aknowledge women likely make up at least near to the majority of mankind (so 
it’s not a minority), and “white”/American are a privileged minority in the 
world (20-5%) that won’t suffer the same of a such attack. 

It occasionally can be quite common and funny to mock riches, aristocrats, 
Americans, big patriarchs, etc. because they won’t suffer from it that much 
directly and it can come with more rational and less emotional critique.  
What’s wrong is when hate and more generally emotion goes beyond reason and 
interests, so it easily becomes manipulable, goes off bonds and fire back at 
wrong people.  Like when anti-americanism becomes an excuse for dumb 

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