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Re: Why don't and RMS sign mail? - FDE Crypto

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Why don't and RMS sign mail? - FDE Crypto
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2019 14:51:08 +0100
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* <> [2019-11-04 14:05]:
> Windows is required to disable the trusted computing locks in Most new
> laptops. Other than windows there are only a few signed operating systems
> that can be installed without disabling said locks, and they are signed by
> microsoft.

That is sad situation. Then is best way not to buy Intel chips and
find hardware that respects users' rights.

Look here how Purism, company behind the PureOS, one of the FSF
endorsed fully free system distributions is disabling the Intel
management engine:

Dr. Stallman was warning about it:

> Stating that women dominate men in America is not hatred, it is fact. But
> they are our superiors so we can say nothing against them. Notice that Hans
> Reiser is in prison? Notice that anyone who tried to marry girls is in
> prison with him.

We don't discuss those subjects here. That is not related to systems
and GNU.

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