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Re: Why don't and RMS sign mail? - FDE Crypto

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Why don't and RMS sign mail? - FDE Crypto
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2019 15:09:56 +0100
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* Alexandre François Garreau <> [2019-11-04 15:00]:
> Purism do not respect users’ freedom: 
> Actually they “disable” it, but since it’s proprietary software, down to the 
> cpu, and it still runs proprietary software, you can’t trust that for sure.  
> They’ve been working with Intel, they *try* to sell that.

Alright, you got some information. If you think there is issue, open
it up with Purism and try to discuss.

For myself, we are getting so many cheap T500 and other libreboot compatible
notebooks from Dubai to Uganda, so I still have inexpensive access to
purchase such notebooks. I would like switching from notebook to
desktop, and maybe using Power chips from IBM. It is just that I am
traveling much.


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