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Will RMS be back to Programming now?

From: gameonlinux
Subject: Will RMS be back to Programming now?
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2019 01:00:45 +0000
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I was wondering; will RMS be back to programming now, for the gnu system, and other things perhaps? I think all us hackers missed him. People kept saying "he doesn't program anymore, what has he done lately" etc.
Will he do it now? And at an ever increasing clip?

I totally relate to everything he says on the talks he's given (I've been hacking free-software videogames for almost 2 decades now, plus system software and all that)... I only recently really begun to read his ideas (I knew the free software points, but to read the history he gives of everything) and watch the videos.

The video in Putins Russia this year was very good; you should put that on the GNU page, also the biography video he did this year also was spectacular. Together they really explain everything from top to bottom, and concisely.

So, will RMS be /back/ after a decade(s) or so on the road now? Back with his hacker friends he's created?

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