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Re: list moderation

From: Marcel
Subject: Re: list moderation
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2019 23:38:15 +0700
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On 11/5/19 10:34 PM, Ludovic Courtès wrote:
> Sure, we’ll talk about governance (no quotes) as much as possible,
> meaning as much as the signal-to-noise ratio doesn’t prevent that.
> Governance is very much on-topic for this list.

One person's noise is another person's signal. Also, as Heinlein
succinctly put it, "a society that gets rid of all its troublemakers
goes downhill".

It is very easy to filter out all messages by a poster in your MUA, if
you feel that a particular person distracts you, or overly affects your
sensibilities. This approach is called "live and let live".

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