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Re: Why fewer contributors to GNU? They have to reveal identity and assi

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Why fewer contributors to GNU? They have to reveal identity and assign copyright
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2019 23:21:48 +0100
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* Dmitry Alexandrov <> [2019-11-05 16:56]:
> > That is not quite so. In America country it is possible to use pen names.
> Why is it specific to ‘America country’ (whatever it is)?

I meant USA.

You are right, probably other countries also allow pen-name

When somebody refers to America and wish to say US citizen, then I
just used America country to indicate it is meant as a country, not
America as a continent. It was response to generalization about

Generalizations are often used for accusation and hate speech. It is
very easy to say "Americans are bad" or "Russians are bad". Talking in
generalizations is in itself anti-social characteristic. It is
justified when there is objective or by public accepted point of
reference or statistical reference.

In US there is special way of registering copyright, even though one
need not do it, but there is copyright office

Maybe such office exists in other countries, but I have not found
it. So far I know about copyrights in Germany and other European
countries. They are automatic, and one need not submit works to
copyright office to get protection. Even in US they are automatic, if
I am not mistaken, but submitting works to copyright office makes a
bone-fide evidence of first registration.

FSF probably got legal opinions on how to protect copyrights, and they
need written confirmations for good evidences. I don't speak for FSF
as I cannot know, but that is my impression.


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