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Re: A GNU “social contract”?

From: Dmitry Alexandrov
Subject: Re: A GNU “social contract”?
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2019 01:56:15 +0300
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Andreas Enge <> wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 02, 2019 at 11:13:57PM +0300, Dmitry Alexandrov wrote:
>> > We want to give everyone the opportunity to contribute to our efforts on 
>> > any of the many tasks that require work.  We welcome all contributors…
>> Many GNU subprojects value ‘recordkeeping’ (per Prof. Moglen [2]) and 
>> ‘protection for FSF’ (per [3]) more than giving anyone an 
>> opportunity to contribute.  Are you calling for change in priorities?  If 
>> yes, I would appreciate it, if you name few concrete steps.
> No change of priorities, I think, but promoting non-discrimination and 
> inclusiveness. The emphasis is on "give *opportunity* to contribute (...)  
> *regardless* of their gender etc. (...) *harassment-free* (...)".  It does 
> not mean that bad contributions need to be accepted, or those where the 
> copyright assignments are not done correctly, and so on.

So thatʼs exactly what I was afraid of.

Instead of making GNU more welcoming place by lessening the burden of 
formalities, you in fact propose GNU to withdraw deeper into itself by 
inventing ideology-driven ‘contracts’.  And in order to add an insult to injury 
— to cover it with Western buzzwords like ‘inclusiveness’. :-\

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