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Re: Why fewer contributors to GNU? They have to reveal identity and assi

From: Alexandre François Garreau
Subject: Re: Why fewer contributors to GNU? They have to reveal identity and assign copyright
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2019 03:14:37 +0100

Le mardi 5 novembre 2019, 23:21:48 CET Jean Louis a écrit :
> * Dmitry Alexandrov <> [2019-11-05 16:56]:
> > > That is not quite so. In America country it is possible to use pen
> > > names.
> > 
> > Why is it specific to ‘America country’ (whatever it is)?
> I meant USA.
> You are right, probably other countries also allow pen-name
> copyrights.
> When somebody refers to America and wish to say US citizen, then I
> just used America country to indicate it is meant as a country, not
> America as a continent.

Isn’t “USA” more easy to understand than “america country”? it might means 
“country of america” (so to speak about country side or any specific country 
within the american continent people were most previously speaking about).

> It was response to generalization about
> "Americans".

How’s that?

What generalization exactely btw? wasn’t there several?

> Generalizations are often used for accusation and hate speech.

Warry selection bias might apply.

> It is
> very easy to say "Americans are bad" or "Russians are bad". Talking in
> generalizations is in itself anti-social characteristic.

No.  Generalization is a highly natural cognitive process, and cultural 
generalization an even more social one.  Moralizing and uniformizing 
stereotypes by trusting propaganda and hate speech may be anti-social.

It’s natural to generalize, problem when generalization actually (linearly/
monodimensionally) hierarchize people and becomes part of division culture or 

> It is
> justified when there is objective or by public accepted point of
> reference or statistical reference.

Nothing is objective, and even personal subjective view may be relevant, such 
as “americans find russian accent scary” (there are actually linguistic 
explanations of that) or “russians are quiet and serviable”.

In the end when you know people, individual difference always end up filling 
everything, so you becomes less able to filter/construe collective 
generalizations that might appears as obvious to newcomers (I’m for that quite 
curious about stereotypes about cultures and countries I’m in/part of, a lot 
naturally have revealed right until now (like about french (non) humility and 
hygiene or italian food (interest)))

> Maybe such office exists in other countries, but I have not found
> it.

I know in France we have a copyright office too, but copyright is automatic and 
registration is only a security.

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