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Re: Why fewer contributors to GNU? They have to reveal identity and assi

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Why fewer contributors to GNU? They have to reveal identity and assign copyright
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2019 03:27:01 +0100
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* Alexandre François Garreau <> [2019-11-06 03:14]:
> It’s natural to generalize, problem when generalization actually (linearly/
> monodimensionally) hierarchize people and becomes part of division culture or 
> oppression.

It may be natural and human. But it is not rational, and what I mean
is statements like:

Black/White people are bad.

Women/man is bad - or - Americans/Russians/Africans/etc. are bad.

Those are generalizations and type of generalization that is of no
benefit for anybody but hate creators.

If one says that proprietary software is harming people, that is
objective generalization.

> Nothing is objective, and even personal subjective view may be relevant, such 
> as “americans find russian accent scary” (there are actually linguistic 
> explanations of that) or “russians are quiet and serviable”.

objective is nonsubjective, thus undistorted by emotion or personal
bias; based on observable phenomena; "an objective appraisal";
"objective evidence").

Yes, people tend to generalize, that does not make the world better
place. From programmers I expect specific statements, not

It is very easy to be subjective and make subjective, emotionally
distorted and personally biased generalized statements. When such
statements are depicting certain class of people being bad for some
reason, there is no use of such but the creation of hate.

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