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Re: What is governance and to whom would it extend to in the GNU Project

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: What is governance and to whom would it extend to in the GNU Project?
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2019 08:14:09 +0100
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One whole message below was censored on 28th October 2019 from
gnu-misc-discuss mailing list.

This is not a call for further flaming, we had it enough.

I still do not endorse public shamings from Guix leadership neither I
would ever allow it on GNU pages, specifically on Guix blog published
on GNU pages.

Reason to re-publish this is that those 3 Internet links were not
given to public, as one is in-depth review of the low grade journalism
and Interne mob attack, other was critical thinking reviews and
analysis on Internet on what really happend.

Those 3 links are refuting one third of Ludovic Courtès' justification
of public shaming as as he mentioned to me on Guix IRC log on on
2019-10-07 the "latest episode with MIT".

In my opinion, when person is faced with critical thinking, facts,
arguments showing that it is not that happened what media was talking
that happened, one shall retract public shamings and apologize.

I am also saying that Ludovic and people could talk anything they wish
about RMS, if they do so on their own blogs, for the same reason that
Stallman is also doing it on his own blog. But I disapprove doing the
same on GNU project.

If they wish to say that public image is important, then public
shamings on Guix pages is causing the Streisand effect and has
absolutely no use for GNU project and does not do well to Guix
community. Several people already withdrawn their contributions to
Guix due to that.

Jean 2019-11-06

* Jean Louis <> [2019-10-28 14:24]:
> * Ludovic Courtès <> [2019-10-23 17:59]:
> > Hi Carlos,
> > 
> > "Carlos O'Donell" <> skribis:
> > 
> > > A governance model would apply to all of the people who are part of
> > > the GNU Project, and so discussing these two points makes sense to me.
> > > I look forward to any feedback about this.
> > 
> > Not surprisingly, I agree that GNU could benefit from a better defined
> > governance and from a better distribution of responsibilities among
> > people.  So thanks for starting this discussion!
> Well, well, well... who is talking about "better distribution of
> responsibilities"...
> It would benefit without Social Justice Warriors defaming and
> slandering founder of the GNU project on your Guix "blog" without
> commenting ability:
> How about that for the start?
> Then what should follow is that you review the facts:
> and
> My Thoughts on the Richard Stallman "Scandal" by Jacob
> and
> and what should follow is the apology from your side.
> And after apology then you should do some contribution to GNU project
> and to Guix, MORE than expected from you. As you have done so much
> damage in news media by fake news you promoted digracefully on Guix
> and thus GNU project pages.
> Or maybe you get offended by my words? Ha, ha, but I am nobody in GNU
> project, your SJW Thoughtpolice Squad cannot "take me down"...
> -- 
> Thanks,
> Jean Louis

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