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Moderation of gnu-misc-discuss

From: Mike Gerwitz
Subject: Moderation of gnu-misc-discuss
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2019 23:35:48 -0500
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Hello, everyone:

Attacks against individuals will now be considered off-topic for this
list.  Defenses of attacks against individuals are also
off-topic.  Let's keep discussion oriented toward the GNU Project and
free software.  If you have a disagreement with an individual in matters
that do pertain to GNU or free software, please communicate kindly and
constructively without resorting to attacks.  If you have comments about
someone's personal opinions or actions unrelated to the GNU Project, it
does not belong here.

As a reminder, all GNU lists are subject to the kind communication
guidelines, found here:

Additionally, here are some suggestions:

Please consider ignoring off-topic messages rather than replying to
them on-list; those replies will also be off-topic.  Rather than calling
out a message as off-topic, please send such messages to

If you find that a message is delivered directly to you but has not been
delivered to the list, please do not include gnu-misc-discuss in the
list of recipients---such replies not only cause confusion, but may
quote a message that has been rejected from the list.

Please also try to avoid tangents that distract from the topic under
discussion.  If a tangent happens to be on-topic for this list, please
consider starting a new thread or changing the subject line.  Otherwise,
please continue such discussions in private by dropping gnu-misc-discuss
from the list of recipients.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this thread or contact
me or Brandon privately.

Thank you!

Mike Gerwitz
Free Software Hacker+Activist | GNU Maintainer & Volunteer
GPG: D6E9 B930 028A 6C38 F43B  2388 FEF6 3574 5E6F 6D05

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