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Re: Why GNU/Linux is not accepted: an observation

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Why GNU/Linux is not accepted: an observation
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2019 18:26:26 +0530
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* Akira Urushibata <> [2019-11-12 15:09]:
> On Saturday I attended an open source event in Fukuoka, western
> Japan.  I visited the booth of an organization named LinuC which
> conducts exams and issues certificates to those who pass.
> I had glanced through at one of the textbooks they recommend.  It
> said that Linux started in 1991.  It did not make clear that the Linux
> kernel was built upon existing GNU software.
> I pointed out that Linux, strictly speaking, is just the kernel and
> different from what is commonly referred to Linux.  This remark made
> the booth attendant visibly uncomfortable: he started wading and
> gasping for air.  He was troubled because when things are presented
> this way, the shallowness of one's understanding of crucial system
> components becomes impossible to disguise.  Ironically it is the
> knowledge of these very components which lie outside the kernel
> that examinations like LinuC measure.
> I had noticed that their textbook mentions neither sed nor awk.  It is
> hard for me to envision someone claiming UNIX proficiency with no
> experience with sed and awk.

You could use this information:

In the "Notes for linux release 0.01", Torvalds lists the GNU software that is 
required to run Linux:[18]

    Sadly, a kernel by itself gets you nowhere. To get a working
    system you need a shell, compilers, a library etc. These are
    separate parts and may be under a stricter (or even looser)
    copyright. Most of the tools used with linux are GNU software and
    are under the GNU copyleft. These tools aren't in the distribution
    - ask me (or GNU) for more info.

And then you could point out that GNU and GNU Compiler Collection
existed long before Linux kernel. Sending corrections to editors is fine.


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