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What is a software stakeholder?

From: Akira Urushibata
Subject: What is a software stakeholder?
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2019 06:36:07 +0900 (added by address@hidden)

In the article titled "Proposals for the new GNU/FSF relationship"
by Mr. Mark Wielaard I noticed the following:

>  More generally, we think it is time for the GNU Project to collectively
>  define its governance structure, in a way that includes all
>  stakeholders, and that the FSF should facilitate this process.

The term "stakeholder" requires explanation.

The term "stake" refers to a stick pointed at one end, driven into the
ground to mark land boundaries.  "Stake" is a term derived from real-estate.
And it is closely associated to ownership.

I believe that GNU's stance is that software should not have owners.
If there are no owners, why should there be stakeholders?  Are
stakeholders somehow different from owners?  If so, I for one would
like to see this explained.

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