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Re: Proposals for the new GNU/FSF relationship

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Proposals for the new GNU/FSF relationship
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2019 18:00:00 +0100
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* Mark Wielaard <> [2019-12-27 10:40]:
> As volunteers for the GNU Project we are happy that the FSF provides GNU
> with services like fiscal sponsorship, technical infrastructure,
> promotion, copyright assignment, and volunteer management.  And we note
> that the FSF is looking for feedback on this relationship going
> forward:

Alfred said that you are falsely representing yourself as being
authorized to speak on behalf of GNU project. That is exactly how I
feel it.

Then you are constantly using generalizations.

So when you say "as volunteers we are happy" -- which volunteers did
you ask to represent their views here? Did they give you consent for
such? What are their names exactly? Is that anywhere recorded? 

> To that end we have held discussions with other GNU maintainers,

Who is "we" in particular? Are you generalizing or speaking of
specific person? If you are generalizing, those statements are nothing
but empty propaganda in a constant attempt to divert public from true
understanding what is GNU and take over the GNU project, and that way
of how you are trying to do it was never spirit of the GNU project.

Who are "GNU maintainers" in particular? Your generalization gives
appearance that you talked to just each of them, which is in general
hard task to do. So which people did you actually contacted?

Or is it just another generalization for your not authorized propaganda?


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