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Re: GNU - Principles and Guidelines

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: GNU - Principles and Guidelines
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2020 06:18:09 +0100
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* Andreas R. <> [2020-01-12 10:42]:
> > > * The GNU Project and the free software community
> > >
> > > The GNU project stakeholders are all users of the GNU system as 
> > > represented by the FSF. As such, an 
> > > FSF-sponsored maintainer for the GNU system as a whole (the Chief 
> > > GNUisance) will ensure the GNU Project 
> > > adheres to FSF guidelines pertaining to the GNU project in particular and 
> > > software freedom in general.
> > 
> > Two comments:
> > 
> >   • Users of GNU matter, but they are not, to me, “stakeholders” in the
> >     same sense as people who dedicate much of their time building GNU
> >     (webmasters, sysadmins, developers, maintainers, etc.).
> > 
> >     We envisioned the social contract as a connection among all these
> >     stakeholders and as a pledge to people outside the project,
> >     including users.
> I would argue users of GNU are not "stakeholders" *to the same degree* as 
> people who
> dedicate their time building GNU, but certainly "in the same sense". GNU is 
> not simply a product
> where consumers would have no say in a company's products other than
> not buying it.

You are typing way too much theoretically, but practically, you do not
give any examples.

Since beginning GNU had its users in the first place, that is why the
GNU project started. So in general, you are talking pure nonsense. As
if you wish to improve any condition, first you must be specific about
what actually you are improving. But you are not, you are
generalizing, like GNU project forgot its users, and is not giving any
support, or any attention on them, which is fake.

Users are always free to suggest improvements, bugs, to participate,
to offer programming, to report lack of features, to request new
features and so on.

There is nothing specific that you mentioned that has to be changed in
that regard, and there is not 1 single user that his rights were
impacted and you have not mentioned the name of that user.

Thus there is absolute no evidence that any condition related to users
has to be changed.

You are generealizing and thus accusing GNU for no guilt.

Stop spreading fears, uncertainties and doubts.


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