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Re: A summary of some open discussions

From: Siddhesh Poyarekar
Subject: Re: A summary of some open discussions
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2020 07:13:22 +0530
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On 17/01/20 2:32 am, Brandon Invergo wrote:
> We have started to recognize people as having release-upload rights, even if
> they aren't formal maintainers (this is really fairly recent and so far has 
> been
> handled on a case-by-case basis).  Siddhesh, if this applies to you in your
> current role, please get in touch at (ideally CC'ing one 
> or
> more maintainers who can confirm).

I believe I am part of that team since I have been able to sign, upload
and announce releases for glibc for a while.

> "Upload rights" isn't much of a title, though, so I would be interested to 
> hear
> more about what a release manager does (although Mark gives some hints and I
> think I can make a reasonable guess from the name). It's something that could 
> be
> formalized / officially recognized if it's generalizable to other packages. 

In glibc this is what a release manager does:


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