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Re: Feedback on the GNU Social contract and new

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Feedback on the GNU Social contract and new
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2020 20:15:36 +0100
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* Carlos O'Donell <> [2020-01-28 16:56]:
> Myself and several other GNU Maintainers have been publicly discussing
> a GNU Social contract on and what it means to
> be a GNU Project volunteer.

> We are continuing that discussion by reaching out (by email) to all
> GNU Maintainers. We look forward to your feedback! Please have a look
> at the email you get since it has some important dates.

What you are doing, in practical, you wish to destroy the GNU project
by diverting attention of helpers, assistants, maintainers to your
negative energy and animosity in the group where you are in. I am
sorry for you.

I do think, you should make your own group or do something else,
please don't attack GNU, anyway it is useless. I can feel your envy
and your hatred. I do think you have better things to do in life, then
destroying the GNU project apart.

> To assist in this discussion we have created a new wiki for use by GNU
> Maintainers.

I see that as bad and naive attempt to destroy the agreements that GNU
maintainers have with the GNU project. Just because you can register
domain, it does not mean anything. You are practically inviting people
in GNU project to split from GNU project. Obviously that is not
endorsed by GNU project, and is not part of GNU project. You should
not misrepresent the GNU project. 

Again -- you do what you wish to do, but don't you have something
better to do in life?

At least some people find themselves girlfriends, boyfriends, they get
busy, some others are programming, some are writing books, even
walking, hiking can be pleasant activity, making food, there is
plethora of valuable activities.

I do have domain and it is for support to people
installing GNU software, and it states there explicitly that it is not
part of GNU project, and not endorsed -- and I am providing links to
all of the FSF endorsed free operating system distributions and to
some other official GNU links.

> The wiki is designed to meet the needs of GNU Maintainers who have
> asked for a wiki.  Given the feedback it is git based with markdown
> support, and is an actively maintained wiki that is free software with
> good internationalization.
> Thank you for your support in making a positive change in the GNU
> Project.

Sorry Carlos, your contributions are welcome. I am sorry for you and
your feelings, and I do not know how you got into this and why are you
in that position to want to split the GNU project, but I am somehow
not believing that anybody from GNU project made you suffer, or that
you can blame anybody in GNU project for your personal drama.

Again -- I am inviting you to look into other valuable activities that
may contribute to pleasure and joy in life. Something constructive.

Jean Louis

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