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Re: Cause for bans

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: Cause for bans
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2020 04:58:55 -0500
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> This webpage is cause for banning of individuals from the GNU Project.??
> It is PHISHING of the GNU organization
> and prclaims policies for GNU that didn't come from its official
> governing structure.
> These individuals need to be banned, regardless of what contribution
> they make.??

Whilst I personally think that the people to whom you are refering have been
and still are acting out or order, I don't think calling for them to be banned
is appropriate.

After all, the reason that these proposed "social contracts", "codes of conduct"
and their ilk have caused so many people to become very angry, is because of 
the way that they call for persons to be expelled if they disagree with whoever
is in control.

I think that banning such people would make us guilty of the same crimes that
they have committed.

The GNU Kind Communications Guidelines ask us not to take a harsh tone towards
participants.   Your email doesn't heed that advice.  Please try to moderate
your language when you post to this list.


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