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Re: Proposals for the new GNU/FSF relationship

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Proposals for the new GNU/FSF relationship
Date: Sun, 09 Feb 2020 22:50:32 +0100
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Dear FSF,

In response to your call for input regarding the future of the FSF/GNU
relationship, Mark Wielaard posted proposals back in December on behalf
of several GNU maintainers:

To date, we have not received any feedback.

The first of these proposals was:

> * leadership
> We believe GNU leadership includes the GNU maintainers who should have
> this discussion together with the FSF.  That way, the FSF can support
> the GNU Project as a whole.
> More generally, we think it is time for the GNU Project to collectively
> define its governance structure, in a way that includes all
> stakeholders, and that the FSF should facilitate this process.

The announcement posted on February 6th on gnu.org¹ reads:

  Alex Oliva, Henry Poole and John Sullivan (board members or officers
  of the FSF), and Richard Stallman (head of the GNU Project), have been
  meeting to develop a general framework which will serve as the
  foundation for further discussion about specific areas of cooperation.

This does not include GNU maintainers who, as stewards for their GNU
packages (and for some of them also as signatories of an agreement with
the FSF for the Working Together Fund), are part of the GNU leadership
and should be equal partners.

Could you make sure GNU maintainers can take part in these discussions?

Thanks in advance,


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