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Re: feeling intimidated for endorsing the GNU social contract

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: Re: feeling intimidated for endorsing the GNU social contract
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2020 21:13:48 +0100
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Hello Mike,

On Mon 24 Feb 2020 04:58, Mike Gerwitz <> writes:

> We've had a few people in particular that have been especially
> problematic, and one person in particular that has many different
> aliases and has even gone so far as to create a separate list that the
> person has forcefully subscribed people to.  I condemn this
> behavior.  But there's little we can do to stop it.

I am very sorry, but this is simply not true.

The best solution to the problem is a public mailing list whose
subscribers are limited to GNU stakeholders.  This would go a long way
towards discourse civility, and is what was asked for in the beginning;
you have the power to do such a thing.

It is possible to ban people who have a pattern of problematic behavior.
It too would go a long way to solving this problem.  You have the power
to do this, also.

It is possible to be more vigorous in moderating.  You and Brendan took
it upon yourselves the task of moderating this list, so this also is
within your power.  And yet for some reason you used this power to let
the message referred to in
go through.

In a message to Andreas Enge
you write:

> But coming to this list, raising an inflammatory topic, and then
> demanding that moderation be used as a tool to reduce tensions is not
> acceptable either.

Here you have chosen instead to blame the recipients of harassment for
the harassment that they have received: it says "you deserve it", in
pretty much those words.

Honestly I hope that one day we are able to look back on these days and
laugh at our foibles, but I get the feeling that a lot of water will
have to run under the bridge for that to happen.  In the meantime I
think that GNU maintainers that are unhappy with the present situation
have to effectively treat the more official leadership lines as damage,
and route around them.



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