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Re: Endorsing the GNU social contract

From: Bruno Félix Rezende Ribeiro
Subject: Re: Endorsing the GNU social contract
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 2020 16:35:12 -0300
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Hello Mark,

Mark Wielaard <> writes:

> Thanks for your support. You have been added to
> <>

I think it’d be helpful to add a section for listing GNU maintainers who
voice their /rejection/ of the document and another for maintainers who
voice their /neutrality/, alongside the current list of the ones who /do
endorse/ it.

This way we can get a better picture of how things stand now


[1] By applying the very idea promoted to itself, in a meta-circular
    analysis (kind of).

Bruno Félix Rezende Ribeiro (oitofelix) [0x28D618AF]

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