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Re: Bandwidth-hungry services burden the internet

From: Akira Urushibata
Subject: Re: Bandwidth-hungry services burden the internet
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2020 07:00:08 +0900 (added by address@hidden)

On 28 May 2020 Dmitry Alexandrov wrote:

> That is, there are some websearch providers that do not rank new and
> updated articles higher?  Why do not they, I wonder?  It looks like a
> pretty sane choice.

Other conditions being equal, a websearch will rank a newer document
above an older one.  But the other conditions are never equal.

I'll show you two examples.

Google invented a way to incorporate hyperlinks into the search
algorithm.  Documents which are referenced by many others rank high.
By this criterion a new document which is better than an older one
but has not yet gathered many links will rank low.

If a document has a title which matches the search words well, it will
rank high.  For example if you search for "trump card" the Wikipedia
article on trump cards in games will show up on the first page among
articles on Bridge and discussion of a book titled "Trump Card".
News reports on president Trump won't appear there however recent
they may be.

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