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Re: Web versions

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Web versions
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2021 14:25:57 -0400

   The same is true for JS/Webassembly. In fact, one could argue that this
   is a significant part of the value offering (offline use of the web 
   You can copy the whole site offline and continue using it.
   Yes, there MAY be interaction with a REST API, but that is a completely 
   story not directly related to webassembly at all.

The same is absolutley not true for Javascript or Webassembly, it is
nigh impossible to download the full set of scripts and other code to
run it locally.  And, again -- it is running code (binary, obfuscated,
or source) from someone else machine.  You have no idea if the code
you got is free software or not, it is a binary blob that
automatically runs on your computer.  I suggest you read the
Javascript trap.

   Have you tried running emacs on a C64 recently? 

Emacs has never run on a C64.  

   > The suggestion in this thread was to make GNU port to webassembly, and
   > then be run in a web browser, from someone elses machine.

   No, it was not:

   " ince WebAssembly is now a reality, maybe you guys should get to
   making the browser versions of AAAAAAAALL your software?  "

In other words, exactly what I wrote.

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