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Re: Web versions

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Web versions
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2021 13:15:30 +0300
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* aviva <> [2021-03-15 05:52]:
> On 3/14/21 6:18 PM, DJ Delorie wrote:
> >  If WebAssembly or Javascript can be used in a
> > way that honors the four freedoms,
> But it can't...period.  And in the real world , it doesn't.  We don't
> promote software that hurts people....period.

We shall also be objective. Is there a person that was hurt?

If not, let us not work with hypothetical illusions.

If free software is insecure or secure is not related to free software

In fact, free software is there for everybody, including for criminals
and for people who can harm other people. That is the freedom in the
GPL. Free software may be used for any purpose.

If you start saying that free software should not hurt people, that
is where limits start, you would start arguing how it hurts this way,
other person how it hurts that way, or how it could be used, abused,
etc. There is no end to hypothetical discussions.

One video website software on Github said: that the software is free,
but it cannot be used for bad purposes or something against God or
similar. That renders software non-free. If people cannot use video
website application for publishing of porn because author thinks it
is not alright and it is against the God, that is where software stops
being free.

Question is rather if software is free or if one need proprietary programs
to run it in WebAssembly.

If there is nothing proprietary, we shall encourage creation of software
as WebAssembly is there because some people find it useful, we encourage
creation of free software.

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