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Re: Web versions

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Web versions
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2021 13:55:01 +0300
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* shulie <> [2021-03-16 11:22]:
> On 3/15/21 6:26 PM, Jean Louis wrote:
> > If I download software into Emacs, I run it in Emacs.
> And you need to be told that emacs is not compatable to web borwser ..
> but if EMACS was, it wouldl download random code from an unknown source
> and run an entire OS in it with full trottle access and network access. 
> And it would be JUST as stupid.

Emacs may not be equivalent to common web browser, but it does have
web browser built-in, eww that works within Emacs. Additionally there
is webkit based browsing within Emacs, depending of configuration at
build time.

To make Emacs run some code based on extension or some embeded script
(beyond Javascript) inside of HTML tag would be relatively easy.

The subject of security for Webassembly is built upon the experiences
with insecurity with browsers over period of time. There are also many
insecurities in operating systems and in just any kind of classes of
software that is out there.

How to Run a More Secure Browser

Further you need not consider your personal, with personal data backed
computer to be the only one to run WebAssembly. I can imagine plethora
of uses of Webassembly. That potentially the vendor/hoster can take
control over software is clear. It is clear that Microsoft, Google,
Apple all want to run Webassembly to gain more customers. That however
opens the door to free software as well, we may as well gain more
aware customers, it is upon developers as social group to build upon
it. Developers will work and create free software for it (it is
inevitable). Question is just how much.

Use cases and usefulness vouch for it. It allows computers to be
cheaper which would run Webassembly. Computers can run it that are
similar to those Chromebooks with low hardware power. It may bring
computing to masses, to developed countries, it may increase
education in the world due to low cost hardware requirements.

The subject of security of Webassembly may be solved by making sure
that browser executing binaries is well sandboxed and that OS is
separate from browser while making sure that software that is run is
free software. I do not know if integrity of the binary may be ensured
with some hash, for example, for user to know that the build is
reproducible and that it was made from free software version ACME

This is 21st century. Software is supposed to run on many operating
systems equally and Webassembly is one solution for it. If you have
something technical to add to security of Webassembly, I am sure that
developers would consider your bug reports.

Use cases:


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