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How to ensure not to fall into new Webassembly trap - was Re: Web versio

From: Jean Louis
Subject: How to ensure not to fall into new Webassembly trap - was Re: Web versions
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2021 11:43:04 +0300
User-agent: Mutt/2.0.6 (2021-03-06)

* Alfred M. Szmidt <> [2021-03-17 11:26]:
>    In that particular example I have been checking programs that are free
>    software as they are hosted on Github with free software licenses. I
>    gave you hyperlinks as references, you could verify it yourself.
> No, I (and really, it is not about you or me here -- it is about the
> casual user) cannot -- since the web browser runs the program before I
> can do so.

Sure I get it. I also speak for casual users. Casual users will go for
software no matter what. You have to be aware that GNU/Linux
distributions are there which contain proprietary software, and casual
users do not think about that, they simply go for software.

The way to go is how we do it in GNU anyway:

- promotion GNU free software philosophy

- endorsing and referencing full free software operating systems

- creating software to protect users from malicious events

What we can do in GNU in regards to new technologies considered trap,
as users will be lured to launch non-free software without possibility
to verify it is to expand or extend the LibreJS to verify Webassembly
programs for their licenses.

RMS has to get involved on this, as to devise a method how to make
sure that Webassembly programs are free software.

A white list of websites offering Webassembly as free software could
be compiled as well.

When we install fully free GNU operating system it is installed in
specific environment where we assume that all parts of the environment
are free software.

A white list would be list of websites that offer only fully free
software of Javascript and Webassembly. This list becomes environment
in which free software users could receive services, run software as
they wish in Webassembly or Javascript and basically enjoy the fully
free software environment through the browser. A plugin like LibreJS
or other plugin could make sure of that. Plugin could also ask users
to report new free software websites to distinguish from those
proprietary and abusive one.

Firefox is already warning users of abusive websites reported by
users, which run Webassembly.


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