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Re: How to ensure not to fall into new Webassembly trap - was Re: Web ve

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: How to ensure not to fall into new Webassembly trap - was Re: Web versions
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2021 05:03:40 -0400

   What we can do in GNU in regards to new technologies considered trap,
   as users will be lured to launch non-free software without possibility
   to verify it is to expand or extend the LibreJS to verify Webassembly
   programs for their licenses.

It is easier, and far more practical to recommend to solve the problem
in a different manner than try and verify all running code in the

   RMS has to get involved on this, as to devise a method how to make
   sure that Webassembly programs are free software.

Why don't you take it up and try to devise this method?  It would not
only be useful for web browsers, but programs in general.

   A white list of websites offering Webassembly as free software could
   be compiled as well.

It is easier to simply deal with the problem by avoiding running
random code automagically.  But if you think such a list is possible,
would you like to start working on it?  

   Firefox is already warning users of abusive websites reported by
   users, which run Webassembly.

If you can convince the firefox developers to do it, it sounds like it
would be useful.

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