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Re: SSPL or server side public license, GNU better update the AGPL

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: SSPL or server side public license, GNU better update the AGPL
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2021 08:40:35 +0300
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* shulie <> [2021-03-22 00:36]:
> On 3/21/21 5:55 AM, Jean Louis wrote:
> > Real problem is that several companies were not satisfied with
> > previous license,
> the real problem is the running arbitrary code by a browser, and the
> licensing doesn't matter.

Maybe you mean run on servers experienced by browsers.

That problem is for some of those companies, MongoDB wants source
code, others are limiting it in cases when it is run on servers.

Discussion here with few people has shown me that those companies have
resources enough, they would or could use the AGPL, but they have
decided to make some circus out of it, maybe it attracts online
leads. I would not know. It is not serious.

We lost some software as free software, it is intention of company to
do so, there is much more free software, not real damage.

Who wants to produce proprietary will continue doing so.

Who wants to subjugate their users, will continue When users are
dependent on software they change license and make it proprietary,
that is clear abuse case.


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