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Re: Truth matters when writing software and selecting leaders

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Truth matters when writing software and selecting leaders
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2021 15:40:19 +0300
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RMS is innocent and did not do anything illegal.

* Akira Urushibata <> [2021-03-25 14:45]:
> If the FSF Board votes soon on whether RMS should be reinstalled,
> gives into outside pressure and decides to keep him out, the world
> would interpret this as endorsement of the widespread view that
> RMS "defended" Jeffrey Epstein.

Those are not widespread views, maybe widespread negative propaganda;
outside of scope of any reality.

What we have at hand is "cancel culture" -

In other words, we are not in 21st century, we are in middle
ages, just that boycotters are afraid to get arrest, that is why they
don't stone the victims, in this example RMS.

Boycotting Stallman without evidences? That is in most countries
illegal, but somehow tolerated by RMS, as he is good hearted

It is very easy to write such open letters, and also organize leads
lists, like to have people "sign the cause", that is very easy. But
those people, none of them, they have never verified the facts. For me
personally is unbelievable that programmers who are meant to be
logical, truth seeking individuals, can easily be mislead and turn
against a friend, as RMS is a friend to all of them, by anything he
did and is doing for society in the context of free software.

> Now the individuals on the Board may make their decisions on other
> grounds, but I am afraid many people are not going to pay attention.

I would say who cares? FSF has to do and continue its purpose, that is
what matters.

> Why would anyone defend a pedophile?  The most likely reason:
> because he (or she) is a pedophile too.

One need either sufficient gullibility or lack of ability to
differentiate, to believe that RMS ever defended any criminals. His
viewpoints are personal and his intellect over those who misjudge his
talks. Finally, for talking he is stoned in public. What a nonsense. 

It looks as targeted organized attack, as I can see taking his
statements out of context became a dear hobby for some of social
justice warriors.

> I believe many of you have photos with RMS posing beside.  Think
> well how they will play in the hands of your adversaries. 

Pity I don't have it.

I think that open letter is written by highle insane and dangerous
psychopat(s), would they be given opportunity, they would go after
somebody's life.

RMS is innocent and did not do anything illegal. RMS is to be
supported in his efforts to improve society.

I am not sure if this subject belongs to this mailing list.


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