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Bill Gates in the news: Deja vu

From: Akira Urushibata
Subject: Bill Gates in the news: Deja vu
Date: Wed, 19 May 2021 08:08:07 +0900 (added by address@hidden)

Reports about the personal life of Microsoft founder Bill Gates are
appearing in the mainstream media.  Some charges sound familiar -
nearly identical ones were cast upon a different person a couple
years ago.

I wonder why this is happening.  I see expressions like this:

  "Bill Gates Had Reputation for Questionable Behavior"
   - New York Times

  "... pursued women who worked for him at Microsoft and at the Bill
   and Melinda Gates Foundation, creating what were described as
   uncomfortable work environments" - NBC News

Bill Gates met Jeffrey Epstein several times.  He does not deny that
the meetings happened.  His spokesman, however, seems concerned that
the nature of these encounters is misunderstood.

One thing that has become clear is that Microsoft's board has
investigated the founder's relation with a female employee and
concluded that it had been inappropriate.

Has the FSF board investigated the widely held claim that Richard
Stallman "defended" Jeffrey Epstein?  I don't think they have
investigated anything.  As a consequence they have allowed rumors
of their founder's "bad behavior" run out of control and cause
unnecessary confusion and damage to personal reputation.

I have a request: Do not do to Bill Gates what you would not like done
to yourself or Richard Stallman.  It is possible that the stories that
are recently surfacing are not true.  Do not turn your eyes away from
what may appear to be lame apology, for therein often lies the seeds
of truth.

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