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Re: cURL author receives rude LogJ4 security inquiry

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: cURL author receives rude LogJ4 security inquiry
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2022 21:23:54 +0300
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* dick <> [2022-01-31 21:07]:
> JL> Many Free OS websites do not have clear way to pay. They have
> JL> donations.
> To be clear, you're saying a "donation" is optional and "payment" is
> non-optional.  That is, under "payment", one is legally bound to remit
> payment to the author before use notwithstanding the fact that his
> software can be downloaded unabridged from various ftp sites.

I don't say that.

What I say is that majority of websites do not have any kind of
payments. Now why complain if they did not ask for it?

There are many ways to get money for free software:

1) Sell it. Author need not disclose neither publish the software. It
   can be sold individually. But somebody else will publish it. I
   think this method is best and it will not be problematic. Those who
   cannot pay will go somewhere else, those who find it valuable will

2) Sell it in the same time, and offer download free of charge. Let
   people choose if they wish to pay or they wish to download it free
   of charge. 

3) Ask for donations at the same page where software is
   downloaded. Authors may also ask for donations from various
   foundations, companies using the software and similar,

4) Author can also choose to hide the call for donations, never ask
   anybody and later "victimize" downloaders and blame people for "not

5) Or don't sell it, don't ask for donations.


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