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Re: Richard Stallman should be reinstated to President of the FSF

From: inasprecali
Subject: Re: Richard Stallman should be reinstated to President of the FSF
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2022 10:56:39 +0100

dick <> writes:

> Now that the war's been won

Has it?  Last time I checked, the vast majority of personal
computing devices are still running a fully proprietary operating
system, together with mostly proprietary applications.

> and open source [1] is now the default configuration

You grossly misunderstand what this "war" you speak of was about
all along.  The goal is not merely becoming the "default
configuration", whatever you mean by that, they goal is ending the
existence of proprietary software.  There is still a long way to
go.  This is the reason why the following claim of yours:

> the FSF has become less a serious advocacy group, and more a
> historical society.

Is not only baseless and void of insight, but reeks of a
decades-old misunderstanding which I’m amazed still exists today.

> [1] No one cares about the theoretical distinction between open
> source and libre.

The expression "No one" in the English language means exactly what
it says on the tin.  Such a quantifier means exactly *zero* people
(or more formally, an empty set of people).  To disprove this
universal claim, it is enough for one (1) counterexample to exist,
and I am such one counterexample (and I’m probably far from being
the only one).  You’re obviously entitled to your personal
opinion, but please don’t make the childish mistake of
generalizing it to a universal truth.

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