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[Gnue-dev] [patch] [documentation] docbook/GNUeObjectServer/chapters/arc

From: Jens Müller
Subject: [Gnue-dev] [patch] [documentation] docbook/GNUeObjectServer/chapters/architecture.sgml
Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 15:40:23 +0200
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address@hidden:~/devel/gnu/gnue/docbook/GNUeObjectServer/chapters$ cvs diff 
Index: architecture.sgml
RCS file: 
retrieving revision 1.2
diff -r1.2 architecture.sgml
>     Probably there will be the need for explicit information in the data
>     definition (e.g., definition of business objects) on how data can
>     be replicated and distributed, to ensure data integrity.
>   </para>
>   <para>
>     Some business objects will have to explicitly specify behavior for
>     disconnected locations. Also, there need to be possibilities to
>     connect object servers with locations, i.e., manage object servers
>     as business objects as well.
>   </para>
>   <para>
>     Example: If there is one server per branch, this server's
>     connection to this branch has to be explicitly stated, so that
>     business objects and triggers from supply chain can manage the
>     supply chain only for this branch. Otherwise, different systems
>     might try to manage the supply chain for the whole enterprise,
>     wondering that consumption of goods is so low. This won't produce
>     any usable results.
 >   </para>
>   <para>
>     Syncronization schemes should also be definable as business
>     objects, as syncronization is an issue relevant for the business,
>     e.g. reporting and tax purposes.
>   </para>
>   <para>
>     The process of syncronization itself should be definable in the
>     business objects to be syncronized, as it may depend on the way
>     such objects are used and created (especially the methods used to
>     resolve conflicts (multiple updates)).
>   </para>
>   <para>
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