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Re: [GNUe-dev] Savannah and CVS

From: Jan Ischebeck
Subject: Re: [GNUe-dev] Savannah and CVS
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 14:41:05 +0100

To sum up the recent talks on IRC, it seems like almost everybody is ok
with the idea of using subversion instead of cvs. Although moving the
history from savannah cvs to subversion would be easy, there is no way
to commit all new changes back to cvs. (especially in cases of directory
moves etc.). That would mean that cvs could just provide a kind of up to
date snapshots, but no real change history any more. There was no
discussion about the way to setup subversion (i.e. using apache2 dav or
svn+ssh), it was just made clear that viewcvs supports subversion.

The VCS "Arch" was not really considered, as there seem to be more
knowledge about the maintainer than about the product itself. 

The following question remained open:
 !! - What is the opinion of the nonattendant developers?
    - Is Ash ( a single cpu celeron 350, 
      20(40?)GB HD Drive capable of serving subversion?
    - What about the cvs/web repository?
    - What structure should we use for the svn repo?

Now I suggest the following plan (mostly stealing and summarizing other
people's ideas). 

1. setup a preliminary repository on ash on basis of the last cvs
snapshots and begin to use it. Being able to work again is IMHO very

2. wait until savannah is online and fully working again.

3. commit the changes from the preliminary repository to savannah cvs
(either a bigdiff or single diffs depending on the amount, should be
easy if we haven't done directory moves) 

4. setup a final subversion repository on ash, by transferring savannah
cvs with cvs2svn. 

5. do some clean up (create scripts to keep cvs and subversion in sync)

Although nothing is settled yet, I've created a demo subversion
repository containing nothing except gnue-common to do some testing. It
already contains one datasource fix and is based on the latest cvs
snapshot. So we could use it for step 1, if everyone is ok with that.

It can be checked out with:
svn co svn+ssh://

You cat set special ssh options by:

export SVN_SSH="ssh -l username"



Am Fr, den 12.12.2003 schrieb Jason Cater um 16:53:
> > > What advantages does staying with provide versus
> > > moving to our own server?
> > >
> > 
> > Less administration.
> > No out of pocket expenses for bad/more hardware.
> > The cvs -> web setup would need reworked.
> > We'd have to resetup mailing lists(?)
> Well, we already incur the first two inconveniences as the server in
> question already exists. I don't forsee it being any more administration
> than now. 
> I don't think the cvs->web thing would be difficult to convert.
> Mailing lists... ugggh. I don't look forward to converting the history
> over.
> -- Jason 
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