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[GNUe-dev] Packages

From: kilo
Subject: [GNUe-dev] Packages
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 11:50:52 +0200

Hello fellow GNUe-people!

As most of you have surely noticed, recently a lot of people come here,
take a look at GNUe and ask only one question:
"What is the status of business/ERP packages?"

And then we murmur, cough, look up to the sky and look down to our shoes
and finally say that our tools are great to build anything...

IMHO GNUe community should now consider to produce business packages, or
business soultions, as it is one of the aims this project is for. There
has been several tries to develop universally usable packages, but now
it seems that GNUe packages has been kind of orphaned.

But times change and now I feel some change is in the air... Eg.
Reinhard is trying his nails in accounting, btami and myself in HR, so
something has started.

As a result, I have looked at the old packages and produced basic
packages using the new GCD format (now completely supported by GNUe
tools). I won't say that they are good at all. There are surely lots of
errors in my approach. I looked at old packages (still accessible in SVN
for reference) and some commonly used data here in Hungary and tried my
best to produce some atomic modules, which I thought would be of good
use later. But they do work, and they are usable (and are used by three
of the most talented genies in the whole universe, ie: me, myself and I
8-))) ).

Anyhow, please take a look at them and tell your opinion. Or better, do
not tell it right now, I think the best way to discuss these questions
would be an online meeting via IRC, in a negotiated, fixed time. I
suggest next Wednesday (21 July) or so, preferably at a time when EU is
still awake and the US is already awake (what about Far-East and down
under... I don't know, please suggest).

So for now I would like everyone who has intentions to add something (ie
opinion, work, knowledge or anything else) to this project to:

-look at both GNUe-packages and GNUe-oldpackages
-collect his views about them
-collect his thoughts about the business packages project in overall
-collect references about existing, usable standards that can be of use
if we decide to use a standard
-and suggest an appropriate date/time for the online meeting.


Gabor Kmetyko

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