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[GNUe-dev] the new version of gnue-gsdgen ...

From: Johannes Vetter
Subject: [GNUe-dev] the new version of gnue-gsdgen ...
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 11:05:22 +0200


as you might have noticed I've commited a new version of gnue-gsdgen.
The following changes were made:

*) gnue-gsdgen can now handle fishooks well (a class references itself).
*) gnue-gsdgen has a new option: --include-details

if this option is given all detail-classes of the requested classes are
added automatically. so if you call "gnue-gsdgen -i address_country"
address_person will be exported as well (since this is a detail to
address_country). Of course gnue-gsdgen keeps track of the proper order,
so a later import using "gnue-schema" won't produce

*) gnue-gsdgen now supports filters on the command-line

This change allows a user to select the data to be exported. Filters can
be given at the command-line in two forms:

a) classname.propertyname=value
        Example: gnue_company.gnue_code="foobar and the gang"
b) classname=value
        Example: gnue_year=1234567679123132123434125145

In the second case the value is treated as 'gnue_id'. If a filter has a
master-class itself this would implicitly add the apropriate master's
filter as well.

As an effect of using filters for exports one is able to only export all
data depending on a given 'record'. For example: export all records (of
all classes which are depending on gnue_company) and export only that
records of a given 'company'. Of course you might imagine much more such

Currently the given filters must be 'valid' application-server filters.
This means they must occur somewhare in a gnue_class.gnue_filter.

The next version of gnue-gsdgen will add support of arbitrary filters,
like: address_person.address_name='foobar and the gang' (which would
export all records depending on the person whose name is 'foobar and the
gang') [maybe including all depending details as well]


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