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[GNUe-dev] spelling fix for forms

From: Warren Turkal
Subject: [GNUe-dev] spelling fix for forms
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 05:53:08 -0500
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Bottom is spelled wrong in the forms package.


Index: gnue-forms/src/
--- gnue-forms/src/ (revision 6581)
+++ gnue-forms/src/ (working copy)
@@ -135,10 +135,10 @@
              'Label': _('Tab Location'),
              'ValueSet': {
                 'none':   {'Label': _('No tabs')},
-                'left':   {'Label': _('Left tab')},
-                'right':  {'Label': _('Right tab')},
-                'bottom': {'Label': _('Botton tab')},
-                'top':    {'Label': _('Top tab')} },
+                'left':   {'Label': _('Left tabs')},
+                'right':  {'Label': _('Right tabs')},
+                'bottom': {'Label': _('Bottom tabs')},
+                'top':    {'Label': _('Top tabs')} },
            'Default': "none",
            'Description': 'Informs the UI subsystem to display a form\'s pages 
as '
                         'notebook tabs. Allowed values are {left}, '

Warren Turkal

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