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[GNUe-dev] New GNUe Reports post-processing script

From: Jason Cater
Subject: [GNUe-dev] New GNUe Reports post-processing script
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 08:45:06 -0600
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Greetings all, 

Our GNUe Reports development tree now contains a script for post-processing 
report output. This will be in the next release of GNUe Reports.

This script is called gnue-report-filter (or grfcvs if you are running from an 
svn checkout.)

This allows you to do: 

    # gnue-reports -d report.out --filter raw myreport.grd
    # gnue-reports-filter -d report.txt  report.out text
    # gnue-reports-filter -d report.html report.out html
    # gnue-reports-filter -d report.pdf  report.out pdf

i.e., it generates the data-filled report structure only once and writes this 
intermediate format to report.out. 

This intermediate format is then fed into gnue-reports-filter to create as 
many formatted outputs as necessary without having to read from the database
each time. 

This is useful for long-running reports in which multiple output formats are 
needed (or for testing new report filters.)

The following: 
  gnue-reports --filter html myreport.grd
is equivalent to:
  gnue-reports myreport.grd | gnue-reports-filter - html

Jason Cater
GNU Enterprise

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