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[GNUe-dev] GNUe Application Server 0.4.0 released

From: reinhard
Subject: [GNUe-dev] GNUe Application Server 0.4.0 released
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 14:57:02 +0100

The GNU Enterprise team proudly announces

   GNUe Application Server 0.4.0.

The GNUe Application Server (AppServer) is the core of the n-tier
variant of the GNU Enterprise system. To the front end (be it GNUe
Forms, GNUe Reports or any other tool), it provides user-defineable
business objects with arbitary fields and methods. While transforming
access to those fields and methods into database communication
and calling of scripts, it cares about stability, security, speed,
and consistency.

Changes and new features in this release:

* descending sort
* link indirect fields with outer joins (fixes queries with empty references)
* parameter to define whether NULL values should be sorted at start or end
* find() and request() now also find uncommitted new objects
* access to indirect fields is now possible even when the refernce is NULL
* condition to test if any detail with a given condition exists for a master
* fix for date and time fields for newer MySQL driver versions
* dynamic reloading of class definitions from running server

You can download this release of GNUe Application Server from

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