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[GNUe-dev] GNUe Common Library 0.6.1 released

From: reinhard
Subject: [GNUe-dev] GNUe Common Library 0.6.1 released
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 22:36:59 +0200

The GNU Enterprise team proudly announces

   GNUe Common Library 0.6.1.

GNUe Common Library is the basis for the GNUe tools, such as
Forms, Reports, Application Server, and Designer.  It implements
a database-abstraction layer that provides support for most major
databases. A builtin XML-to-Object parser and Object-to-XML marshaller
are used by Forms, Reports, and Designer to save and read Forms/Report
definitions to and from an XML file.  It also defines and implements an
RPC abstraction layer that will allow server processes to define their
public methods once and have them available XML-RPC and Pyro clients.

Changes and new features in this release:

* [datasources] Undeleting records before post
* [datasources] New event onRecordInserted
* [datasources] Fixed requery if posting threw an exception
* [datasources] Fixed requery of details if no primary key is available
* [datasources] Fixed call of function on record
* [datasources] Fixed behavior for records that have been inserted and deleted
* [datasources] Show SQL statement in detail of SQL error messages
* [rpc] Complete overhaul
* [rpc] Use persistent session for XMLRPC
* [rpc] Object transport for XMLRPC
* turn off debug messages when compiled with -O
* several minor fixes and cleanup

You can download this release of GNUe Common Library from

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