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[GNUe-dev] GNUe Reports 0.2-pre1 available

From: reinhard
Subject: [GNUe-dev] GNUe Reports 0.2-pre1 available
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 21:16:45 +0100

The GNU Enterprise team proudly announces

   GNUe Reports 0.2-pre1.

This is a prerelease version and mainly targeted at
developers, packagers and translators.  You can expect the
final release within a few weeks.

We request all translators to send in their translations as
soon as possible so they can be included in the final release.

GNUe Reports is a platform and output-independent reporting system. It
reads an XML-based report definition and generates arbitrary XML
output that can further be translated into any format for which there
is an adapter. GNUe Reports currently has outputs for Text, HTML,
Label Stock, and CSV -- with PDF, Postscript, and Gnumeric/Excel
formats in the works. Reports can output directly to a file, as an
email attachment, to a printer, or to a HylaFax server.

For more information about GNU Enterprise in general,
please see

This version already contains the following changes and new
features of the planned final release:

* Changed to new packaging system
* Adapted to gnue-forms 0.6
* Added Greek translation
* Updated Spanish translation
* Switch to GPL version 3

As usual, you can download the unstable builds of GNUe Reports from

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