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Function keys

From: Reinhard Mueller
Subject: Function keys
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2010 18:14:10 +0200

Hi, all,

I'm just working on an end user application based on GNUe Forms. I want
to use several function keys in that app, and when trying to assign the
function keys in a reasonable manner, I noticed that there is no free
block of more than 4 F-keys in a row.

F2 = free
  F3 = Jump to record
F4-F7 = free
  F8 = Init filter
  F9 = Apply filter
  F10 = Menu (predefined by operating system)
F11-F12 = free

"Jump to record" probably isn't used enough to justify a function key, I
propose to assign Ctrl-J to that function instead of F3.

Furthermore I propose to move "Init filter" and "Apply filter" from
F8/F9 to F11/F12.

This way, F2 to F9 are free for applications. (F1 should be reserved for

NB that this assignments can be changed in default.gfd without any
change in the source code, and could even be overridden for a specific

What do you think about this proposal?


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